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Suzanna Tremolada

          Transformatoin Coaching

                           Easing Change and Transition

JOY Break


Gratitude in Your Daily Life

Posted on November 26, 2011 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (17)
Where are you on the Emotional Scale today?   
Checking  in often is a helpful daily practice.  Doing this brings in more awareness when a low  vibration creeps in. You can then  ask yourself  "Why am I feeling this way?" Note what your reaction is and what  triggered you. Just accept where you are right now.  Then allow or give yourself permission to raise your vibration and move up the scale. take responsibility for your own happiness and figure out what works for you in each moment, Sometimes taking responsibility for your own emotional health means acknowledging the need for a little help.  Enjoy the suggestions here and  Aim for JOY! I welcome your return and give gratitude for sharing with your friends.