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Suzanna Tremolada

          Transformatoin Coaching

                           Easing Change and Transition

What would if feel like to let it go?

Imagine having some space created for yourself to grow?

Transformation through Emotional Release

As a Certified Meridian Tapping Practitioner I assist in the release and transformation of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, doubts and fears. I use various advanced forms of Meridian Tapping and guided meditations that are simple and effective and create lasting change.

The foundational statement is TRY IT ON EVERYTHING! Using these advance forms of energetic release and guided meditation clients work with not only releasing emotions on the surface, but make deep transformational changes related to relationships, past events, circumstances, life issues, self-esteem, procrastination, abundance , pain, old habits or patterns and much more. Follow-up practices, gratitude and law of attraction are used to support clients with moving forward with the profound changes that can take place in one session.

Coaching sessions can be single or multiple sessions as part of a package. The sessions will be customized to support you in your growth and release of energy. The intention is usually to clear energy around whatever is currently going on. However, whatever is going on right now is probably not happening for the reason you might think. We will explore together and as energy is released more clarity shows up, and we just keep following what is wanting to be released.

I have experience working with a broad spectrum of people including teens and senior citizens.

Perhaps you are on a path of personal and spiritual development and are undergoing transformations for higher levels of consciousness with intention. Having done much of this type of work personally, I realize that sometimes a little help is very beneficial .Having someone who can hold a container of compassion for you and help you see another perspective can help smooth out some of those rough spots.

I am trained in various methods of energetic release and guided meditations, inclusive of advanced forms of meridian tapping techniques. That being said I always do a reversal to release the resistance to letting go of what is being held on to. The method is gentle and your Spirit knows the entire story behind it. We will tap into that story energetically withouth going into the details of the story. Note that this is not "talk therapy" and we will be working at the level of energy. The results are gentle, quick, simple, effective and long lasting!

Be aware that you may experience shifting aspects during our sessions. We are essentially peeling away the layers of the onion. As we do this additional charges or triggers may come up. I hold a safe and compassionate container for this process and we keep moving through the energy to be released. Each person's experience is different, and even different in given situations. Some are sensitive to energy and actually have a visceral experience of the energy being released. Others may shake, twitch, cough, sneeze, release heat in the body or even cry. This is all a sign that the energy is moving out.

At the end of our session you will be emailed BONUS exercises to support the work done in our session and to establish a pattern of self care. Sessions can be recorded and a link will be sent to you. I make myself available by email between sessions if you have something come up or would like to share something.

What would it take to be in the flow of creating positive experiences in your life right now?