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Suzanna Tremolada

          Transformatoin Coaching

                           Easing Change and Transition

Meridian Tapping

Suzanne, as a Certified MeridianTapping Practitioner, uses a variety of advanced and progressive forms of Meridian Tapping Techniques or MTT, to assist in the release of stress, overwhelm and limiting beliefs ultimately supporting your transformation. The advanced techniques Suzanne has received extensive training in promote more powerful and more effective and fast results

What is Meridian Tapping?

Meridian Tapping is simple, natural and effective. The use of Meridian Tapping clears the body’s energy system by tapping with fingertips on ends of meridians used in Chinese medicine. It is an emotional version of acupuncture without needles. Tapping on the body is done in conjunction with a process of bringing the issue forward with an intention. The issue is measured and the client is guided through the tapping process, the issue is reassessed and then tested for results. While MeridianTapping is easy to learn, it is beneficial to work with a trained Practitioner on complex issues.

The foundational statement is "negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system." Chinese medicine points out that when you have a clear energy system you experience optimum health of mind, body and Spirit. Meridian Tapping is a profoundly effective means to accomplish such a clearing in order to experience the ease, peace and joy thatcomes with this optimum health.

Meridian Tapping is known to work where other methods have failed. Use for negative emotions (stress, overwhelm, anxiety, shame, guilt, blame, anger, resentment, frustration etc.) fears, phobias, trauma, allergies, pain, disease, addictions, clutter, procrastination, weight, performance, relationship issues and with Law of Attraction. TRY IT ON EVERYTHING!!

Advanced Meridian Tapping


Subconscious Resistance to Change

In most cases where change is wanted or desired, there is resistance. to letting go of the energy and we feel stuck. We tap into the subconscious mind that thinks we have to, want to, need to or even like to hold on to the energy. This subconsciouss mind is extremely powerful and will sabotage your conscious decisions. Think of something right now that is bugging you or has you stuck and just say, "I have to, I need to, I want to I like to" to yourself. Notice where your mind went, the things you thought about, the images that came up or how you felt in your body. This brings up the energy of secondary benefits. These secondary benefits get acknowledged without even consciously knowing an entire story This resistance is then released in a process which is very short. Although it does not release the issue, it does release the resistance that keeps you stuck. This is a very very important step as it opens us up to the possibility of change and the releasing of the issue happens with greater speed and effectiveness.

General Polarity Reversal

Sometimes our energy simply starts spinning the wrong direction. How do we know? Well, I'm sure you have experienced a day when you just feel clumsy, you fall, you bump into things, you lose things, you just had, your keys are found in the refrigerator, you can't remember what you wanted to say and you fumble your words. In other words nothing seems to be flowing in the right direction. You are literally out of balance. While this is not common, it occasionally happens to all of us.

How does a General Polarity Reversal Happen? This can occur with chronic pain, intense negativity. toxins, EMF "Electro Magnetic Field" exposure, addictions, drugs, alcohol or dehydration. Drinking water is very important as it conducts electricity that runs in our bodies. So without enough water the energy in your body is compromised. So drinking water during a session is something that is highly encourage. In the case of toxins and environmental issues it is best to eliminate them or relocate to a better environment. Once those things are taken care of, there is a simple Meridian Tapping protocol. It is necessary to correct General Polarity Reversal in order for Meridian Tapping to be effective.

The Container

This is another way to speed up the process of releasing unwanted energy. When we want to clear things out of our physical space, it is more efficient to get a container to put things into. When we clear energetically, we can bundle up all the similar, repetitive emotions, circumstances and situations putting them in a container you design yourself. The container is released without going into the entire story of the contents allowing the process to happen efficiently, simply and effectively.

Working with the Tiers

Using Meridian Tapping we measure the level of the energy on a scale from one to ten. Seven to ten is considered highly charge energy. In this case the usual Meridian Tapping protocol is by passed. You simply tap on all the points while venting. Just get all the words out, say it all, be real, fully express how you feel, no matter how it sounds to you. Swear, use your native language, blame others, cry or get angry if you have to.

Once the intensity level comes down between four and six you are sitting with a conflicted mind. Part of you wants to change and part of you would really prefer to stay the same. Here both parts are honored and acknowledge. Eventually in the process enough energy is released giving you clarity for next steps.

When the intensity level comes down to between a one and three you are ready to make some choices. At this point bringing in gratitude and using Law of Attraction is beneficial.

Additional processes



Law of Attraction Statements for Complex Issues





Working with Past Memories

 In conventional Meridian Tapping points of the meridian system throughout the body are utilized. Tapping on these points while tuning into a specific traumatic memory, releases the stress of the memory from the body’s energy system. Tapping is taken to a whole new level by transforming the memory. You can go back to any negative memory, say and do the things you wished you’d said and done, bring in wisdom, new resources and other people to support you. And when you couple this with the tapping points used in MeridianTapping, the results are extremely fast and effective. The new insights and learning's are life changing.

Reimprinting the Energy

In this beautiful process a guided meditation allows you, in mind, body and Spirit, to fully accept a new state. To achieve this it is necessary to see, acknowledge, and experience it fully. It is also beneficial to send this new reality of this experience out from your heart all-around you extending into the Universe. The energy radiates out until it actually loops back to you. Here you experience giving and receiving and how it is actually one in the same as you experience being in the flow.