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Suzanna Tremolada

          Transformatoin Coaching

                           Easing Change and Transition

How would it feel to take flight to bring your unique gifts and dreams into the world?

Imagine the peace and fulfillment of living your purpose.

Transformation through Personal / Spiritual Development

As a Certified SPIRIT COACH® using the SPIRITCOACH® Methodology clients are guided through an experiential program enhancing relationship with own Truth, Spirit or Higher self in order to live a more joyful, peaceful, fulfilling life that is Spirit led.

The greatest journey is the journey taken within. Accessing the authentic self, dreams and joy, Truth or Spirit allows co-creation and the expansion of dreams. As the relationship with Spirit is cultivated deep lasting changes occur along with increased consciousness and awareness creating expanded potential for enhanced relationships, work and play.

With the Spirit Coach® methodology leading with the spirit instead of the mind is learned. When leading with the mind or ego, creations seem empty and successes are unfulfilling. When not connected with the higher self or Spirit there is disconnection. Once aligned with Spirit Truth is expressed and the heart sings with joy to the world connecting with the individual and global paradigm shift of the Golden Age

Whether a long-time seeker on a journey for many years, or just looking at personal and spiritual development for the first time, Spirit Coach® Methodology is designed to support clients at any level. Using simple energetic tools for the first time can have profound shifts in the way life is experienced while the more experienced client has the opportunity to go even deeper. Each person's own experience will be unique to them.

Clients are guided and supported with compassion as they learn energetic tools, how to work at the level of energy, and Build a daily practice, There are guided meditations, journal assignments and exercises involving practices that support deep discovery and deep long-lasting changes.

SPIRITCOACH®. Methodology was created to be facilitated by a Certified SPIRITCOACH®. The program involves a minimum commitment, 3 months or 6 sessions, however the complete program will take 12 to 18 months. There will be two 60-75 minute sessions each month and between sessions you are building a daily spiritual practice and integrating and applying the tools into daily living. With this program the more you put into and are committed to it the more benefits you will receive. if you are interested in deep profound lasting change and are willing to dedicate yourself to your own personal and spiritual growth, there is likely no mistake that you are here right now.

 The modules

Foundational Modules include:

Spiritual practice




These modules are foundational to all the other modules and are completed before moving forward to the following modules.










Spirit Coaching sessions are customized to meet the specific needs of the client and there is an intention to move at a speed appropriate for the client. . Aside from the Foundational Modules, modules are not presented in any set sequence.

In a typical session there is a check-in with how life has been since the last session, then a review of the previous week's assignment involving writings about the experiences of the tools and practices through exercises and journaling. You are encouraged to be a scientist in your own life as you integrate the tools and practices into your daily life. There is a guided meditation and a presentation of a module. Your coach will be guided as to how to customize your session to meet your specific needs. You will receive a recording of the call and a recap of the session and your new assignment by email.  

What would it take to fully live your Truth?

The Truth: You are Extraordinary!

How to Get Started

First set up a FREE 30-Minute Discovery Session.

In this session I will share with you how this program works and answer any questions you may have. We will discuss why you are looking for this type of support and any personal development work you have already done. We will look at what is going on in your life right now and what dreams and visions you may have. You will have the opportunity to discover if Spirit Coach methodology is right for you and if we resonate with each other for a Coach-Client relationship. We will take a look at how it will fit into your life right now and your level of commitment. A tool or meditation will be shared so that you can have an experience of it.

Next you will be sent an extensive intake questionnaire to be completed and sent by email prior to our first call. You will be encourage to take time with this questionnaire and to do it from a deep knowingness. The first call will include an intake process and will be longer than a regular call, approximately 90 minutes. You will also receive an agreement to be signed and returned and an invoice to be paid prior to our first call.


The information and coaching provided is intended to educate, inform, amuse, and inspire you on your personal journey. It is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You are encourage to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. Never discontinue medications without medical advice.