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Suzanna Tremolada

          Transformatoin Coaching

                           Easing Change and Transition


Getting Back to Smiling and

      Appreciating Yourself

What are the Possibilities?

Here's What People are Saying Worldwide

" Suzanne is a very skilled and sensitive practitioner. I always felt I was in capable hands. Even though I felt stuck several times, she always had a simple and easy solution that was effective in moving me forward. Tapping with Suzanne was a profound and life changing experience and I recommend her highly.

     P.c. - Albany, CA USA

"I really want to express again how affective the session with you was. Really amazing! I experienced a new level of freedom the following day,

and it was very real. I really think its awesome and I have done a lot of different modalities."

Michaela Sharne     Oakland, CA

"Thank you for a very insightful session. I was able to have a heart to heart talk with my partner later on in the day. "      C. McDonald - Northern California

"What a wonderful thing this Spirit Coaching has turned out to be!!! I LOVE our Calls. I have never experienced such trust and openess, such an exchange between kindred spirits such deep understanding, compassion and great wisdom, quite apart from using the God-given tools.

Suzanne has very special gifts of intuition, compassion, and the ability to recognize patterns of behavior. She knows instinctive just which tools to use in any given circumstance, especially in the fields of relationship issues, change and transition. The preparation that she puts into each call is key to helping one to make a smooth shift of perception. I hardly recognize myself from the person I was just eighteen months ago. I have let go of all that no longer serves me. Suzanne has shown me that I have freedom of choice and has shown me how to be my own confident and strong person. "

                             Judith Stern, Marin County California

"I have new insights into very old problems and patterns of thought, and the ability to easily shift out of those life-long patterns."

Phyllis C - San Francisco Bay Area

"Suzanne is great to work with. She's intuitive and asks the right questions to get to the root of any issue quickly. I highly recommend her!"

               L.B.K. California USA

"From the start, I felt safe with Suzanne. She has tremendous empathy and patience and I found her to be grounded, sure and strong with her instructions as she led me through the various stages. She consistently remembered all the nuances of the emotions and memories which came up for me and used them to very good effect in the tapping session.

I definitely released a lot in both the sessions I have done with her and she has also been very good about following up with BONUS exercise suggestions to give me continued support to move forward with. Thank you, Suzanne."

              Judith Stern - San Rafael, California, USA

"Working with Suzanne was a godsend. As newlyweds we were experiencing turbulence in our relationship. The process and her guidance enabled me to quickly let go of judgments and criticisms allowing my husband to step into his highest potential. I had a sense of relief and no longer felt the need to mother him giving me freedom and peace of mind! I highly recommend working with Suzanne."

               L.B . Belmont, CA

“Suzanne is fantastic at getting to the root of an issue and assisting me in neutralizing it quickly. She listens very well, is intuitive and truly a catalyst for change - deep, lasting change. Thank you, thank you for the exceptional work that you do!"

            Lynn San Francisco Bay Area

"I adore Suzanne and her determination. She's tenacious, thorough and professional. And she's a terrific Pro EFT practitioner.”

            Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master

"Suzanne is a perceptive, compassionate EFT practitioner. Time spent with her makes positive impacts.       ” L. Dunn – California

"Suzanne is a very dedicated person to her craft. She is energetic and very personable. Suzanne has developed her knowledge of EFT through many courses and hand on practice. She is patient and listens and would be a very good source for TAPPING."

             Marlene R – San Rafael, California 

"Suzie brings passion and commitment to every undertaking. Her ability to improvise and go with the flow is impressive.

Constantly seeking new and innovative ideas, Suzie brings freshness and uniqueness to all of her projects. When you want professionalism, honesty and loyalty call Suzie."

           John Z, San Rafael

I'm amazed at the difference in my creativity after just two sessions with Suzanne. I'm working with very creative people and typically feel that I have nothing of value to contribute so I'd sit there, smile and nod and feel horrible about it. had a meeting after my second session and knew that it would be different. The result was that I contributed with great ideas, laughter and fun. Four out of four people came to me separately saying that they are so happy that I'm part of the group and that I'm a huge asset. Two even suggested that I would be a natural at improv! Thank you Suzanne!

            L. Kirkham - San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA 

"Suzanne was willing to let me be my authentic self. She was very kindly open to my "highly sensitive person" needs and she was willing and flexible in adjusting the sessions to meet those needs."

              Phyllis - San Francisco Bay Area

Suzanne helped me through a personal tapping session today, It was transformational and I am thrilled that I have found something that really works for me!!! I cannot over state that, it was and is so profound! I so want to learn how to confidently do it for myself and for my loved ones. It can heal emotional things that get in our way, things that are blocks to our happiness to a flowing beautiful burst of love energy. I felt so energized and open and happy after our session!

I was dealing with a job situation in which I was totally not appreciated for my hard work, it was insulting and things came up for me, sadness, anger, insult, disappointment, and disgust. Suzanne knew the words that helped release these negative blocks.

Suzanne is very gifted as a brilliant thinker and has a beautiful heart, a very amazing woman in every sense of the word!

             Myume - Marin County USA

"Suzanne is an amazing practitioner and the basis for this is her amazing ability to relate to her at a deep level. She worked with me on an issue I had and I experienced a profound breakthrough. She continues to inspire me to move beyond my comfort zone. Thanks Suzanne!!" R. R, - SF Bay Area

"Suzanne is an amazing Pro EFT practitioner. She's kind, very compassionate and a delight to work with. I highly recommend Suzanne, she's a gifted practitioner."

Zoe Walton, Pro EFT Trainer


"Suz was beyond amazing! I absolutely loved talking to her. She was funny, understanding, and kept a light mood. Her grounding technique was a life saver for me, no kidding. I was having severe, what I call high stress dreams (where i dream my whole day during the night, so it feels like I never slept. Grounding technique helped me get a nice nights rest."

    P.P. Tapping for Teens Participant - st. Louis, USA

"'m very happy my daughter could choose to get involved in something for her own benefit, without being dependent on her dysfunctional family ^^

She made a commitment herself, and that is important:) She was so serious with her commitment, that we were very happy with it. She could practice from home as we are living in a rather secluded place with no public transportation to go anywhere, the phone thing was a real plus. The fact that she could plan her schedule, is great for her autonomy, and her self confidence. It seems to me it is more easy to communicate with her too. The best part would be that it was finally possible to talk about one or two of our family patterns involving her without her slamming doors and crying with despair and self pity (to be precise : her not getting done with her school work, cornering us into taking decision she would hate ^^, I would ten to thing she's deciding to look on the bright side, a bit more often ^^"

          C, Parent of Tapping for Teens Participant France

"My son has definitely become a happier and more peaceful person since participating in this program. He has much better control over his anger and doesn’t allow little things to get to him the way he did before. Also, he has become more motivated and spends far less time procrastinating, which has helped improve his grades. He has become happier, calmer and more peaceful. We have noticed that he is more mindful of others and has learnt to control his anger and thinks before reacting to situations. He has also become more responsible and motivated."We have seen huge changes in our son since starting the Tapping for Teens program and these positive changes have happened really quickly. Tapping is easy to learn and is very effective."

          Kaz, Parent of Tapping for Teens Participant, Perth, Western Australia

"My life has completely changed for the better. I have seen changes in

not only myself but in those around me. I feel much happier and it

doesn’t only last for a second but every day. This has been the most

incredible experience and I’m glad I took this opportunity. Plus, the

way I feel towards others, and the way everyone else interacts with me

is completely different than before. It's like as if I'm being

recognized and loved for who I am. Furthermore, Suzanne has helped me

so much. She got me 'unstuck' and out of that confused/unpleasant life

to a better and much brighter future. Thank-you so much! I really do

appreciate it from the bottom of my heart."

            H.T., tapping for Teens Participant - Brampton, Ontario, Canada

"Suz was a very happy, open, helpful, understanding practitioner. Always happy, smiling and laughing. I would say EFT is a great way of booasting your confidence."

        Bethany Friend, a Tapping for Teens Participant - United Kingdom 

The tools and practices truly are simple and effective.

Suzanne Tremolada

Transformational Coaching


Certified Meridian Tapping Practitioner


The information and coaching provided is intended to educate, inform, amuse, and inspire you on your personal journey. It is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You are encourage to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. Never discontinue medications without medical advice.